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What We Do

Athletic & Performance Rigging (A.P.R.) designs, manufactures and installs versatile divider net systems and masking systems in athletic arenas, field houses, gymnasiums and halls. Our rigging designs make the most of your facility’s space so you can safely and easily convert to graduations, concerts, trade shows and other events. Full height utilization is a must in arenas and indoor practice facilities where space is at a minimum. A.P.R. manufactures custom winch systems that allow your masking drapery and netting to store with the contour of the building.

A.P.R. has earned a reputation as the nation’s leader for creative designs and smart engineering on new construction and retrofit rigging. We build and rigorously test all hardware at our factory. Before we install the first bolt, we make sure your custom rigging system is strong, safe, and exactly right for your facility.

Our parent company, Tiffin Scenic Studios, Inc. is a performance rigging and drapery manufacturer with whom we share a facility and resources.
Contact us to learn how our expert team can create or retrofit a safe, versatile divider net or masking system in your facility.

Our Facility

Athletic & Performance Rigging’s 28,000 square-foot facilities include 18,000 feet of manufacturing space and 6,000 feet of enclosed steel and equipment storage. The remaining area is devoted to offices, engineering, drafting and custom drapery. Our sixty-five foot tower is equipped with a small gridiron section at the top and four runs of typical T-bar and J-bar guides. The tower gives us sixty feet of vertical travel for developing and testing of our winches and counterweight rigging.

Major shop equipment includes CNC lathes, milling machines, overhead electric trolley hoists, automated saws and drills and an array of shears, presses, grinders, bolt threaders and forming dies.

A.P.R. provides all essential pattern equipment for making a very large variety of cast sheaves. Our foundry source pours 30,000 psi tensile inoculated semi-steel so you get maximum strength in your rigging. A.P.R. also supplies the following alternative sheave materials: steel, cast polyamide 6 (“Nylon 6”) and Nylatron®.

A ventilated spray paint area with a trolley conveyor and two welding shops complete the manufacturing facility.