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Fall Arrest/Protection Systems
Because safety comes first, you can count on Athletic Performance Rigging to provide Fall Arrest Systems that meet all OSHA requirements for workers who are exposed to vertical drops. Each fall arrest system provided is uniquely designed for each specific use and each specific venue. We will work with you to help identify and install the most suitable fall arrest system for your needs. Our skilled technicians will make certain your installed fall arrest system meets all of the technical and safety requirements.

Half House Draping Systems
Make your space work for any performance with easy-to-use truss, chain motors and drapery. You can divide an area in half, thirds or as needed, and you can store the drapery either on the truss or storage hampers. Create a great look using a backdrop and black-out system for the venue.

Proscenium / Stage Drapery
Convert a sports arena into an intimate theatre setting using one of our quality motor systems. The chain motor system can be tailored to your needs and is easily movable and stored on a truss with the included self storage system. The hard install motor system requires very little labor to store and maintain. With the push of a button the drapery moves into play position, or back into the stored position.

Vomitory Black-out
Keep light from the concourse out of the arena bowl during performances and sporting event with tracks, carriers and drapery. 

Upper Arena Masking Systems
Turn a 20,000 seat arena into a 10,000 seat arena in minutes by blocking off the seating in the upper concourse. Similar to the “Proscenium / Stage Drapery” option, you can choose either a chain motor style system with truss and drapery or a hard installed motorized system with truss and drapery.

Score Board Rigging
Rely on our custom-engineered, manufactured and installed rigging and winch system to raise and lower your score board.

Rigging Grids
We offer a rigging solution for every situation – large or small, permanent or temporary. We work with you to engineer, manufacture and install aluminum rigging grids for concerts and arenas.

Black-out Masking Drapery
Transform an open club level into a comfortable venue for a private party, or make a soaring glass wall go dark just as a performance begins. Use our high-quality drapery to blackout any part of your arena at the push of a button. We provide both permanent and temporary solutions.

Hockey Protective Netting
Protect hockey fans from pucks flying off the ice with one of our custom netting systems. Choose between motorized systems, track systems and dead hung systems.